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  • It's that time of year again - students of all ages are finishing up classes and getting ready to enter the next stage of their education, from elementary school to college. Preserving this special moment with a photo book "yearbook" is not only a great personal way to celebrate the occasion, but also our new Photo Book Experience makes it fun and creative to design your own book.

    If you're looking for a luxurious yearbook, try a padded leather cover in Rich Black or Chestnut Brown. Want something more laid-back and colorful? A custom photo cover photo book will wrap the photo of your choice across the entire glossy laminated cover.

  • Whether you're an experienced photo book builder or just creating your first one, you'll enjoy our new Photo Book Designer. Now you can easily add clipart to your pages, trim your photos into fun shapes, change the page backgrounds, or try our expanded selection of stylish and professional-looking themes. The new Designer gives you even greater control over creating your book your way.

    Below are some tips and tricks for creating a graduation photo book that are as unique as your creation.

Get Creative with Themes

Our new Photo Book Experience has an official Yearbook theme that's great for every student, but you can turn any theme into a yearbook! Try Pastel Pop for a book full of eye-catching color, or use Chalkboard for an education-themed photo book with a little twist.

Add Inspiration with Quotations

A yearbook celebrates old endings and new beginnings, and it's a perfect time for inspirational quotations. Use the caption areas to add quotations about success, adventure, or courage from famous speakers. If your little student has a favorite song, including some of the lyrics can be a great way to capture this moment in time for them to enjoy years later.

Tell the Whole Story

Graduation is an important occasion that celebrates years of work. Commemorate their entire educational journey by placing photos from over the years chronologically throughout your photo book. A photo-heavy theme like 3-by-3 Tiles works well with this design.

Create Style with Different Page Layouts

Here's an idea straight from the desks of professional designers: try changing the size, orientation, and number of images per page to give your photo book a different look and feel with every turn. Switching from a single large image on one page to, say, three identical columns on the next can really keep the viewer's attention, and helps you group different periods of time or locations on the same page!

Leave Room for Signatures

One of the best parts of a Photo Book is going back and looking through it years later, so why not let your loved ones write notes in your wedding or family themed book. Choosing a theme with a lighter background, like Linen Tan or Classic Corners, will make pen writing easier to read, and page layouts with lots of room in the margins gives ample space for handwritten touches.

Getting Started

Create your own Photo Book with these easy steps. Just follow along with us!

  • 1Locate the Photo you Wish to Use

    Are the photos already in your Costco Photo Center albums? You're all set to start defining your photo book options in Step Three! If you wish to use photos from your computer's hard drive or a social photo network, read on to Step Two.

  • 2Upload your Photo (Computer or Photo Network)

    If all of your photos are not yet on the Photo Center, go to your albums and click on "Upload Photos".

    • To upload photos from your computer's hard drive, click the upload button. Then click "Add Photos", select the photos you wish upload, and click the "Start Upload" button.
    • To import photos from a social network like Facebook or Instagram, click on its icon. Click the grey checkmark next to the photos you wish to import, and then click "Import".

  • 3Define your Photo Book Options

    It's time to start customizing your photo book. Click on "Shop Photo Books" in the main menu. Select the type of Photo Book you wish to make from the product menu, and then click to set your desired options such as cover type and size. When you're happy with your options, click the "Get Started" button.

  • 4Personalize your Photo Book

    The only limit to customizing your photo book is your creativity! Use the tabs at the bottom of the page to drag and drop the layout of photos and captions, fun clipart, page backgrounds, photo borders, and more. Click on any caption area to add your own words and change the font and appearance.

  • 5Preview & Order your Item

    Once you've finished personalizing your photo book, click the "Preview" button in the bottom right corner. You'll see a detailed preview of how your printed book will appear. When you're satisfied with every part of your Photo Book, click "Add to Cart" and begin the checkout process.

Showcase your special moments with Costco Photo Center Photo Books, available in both Padded Leather and Custom Photo covers, starting at $24.99. Ranging from 11 " x 8 " to 12 x 12 sizes and containing 30 to 100 pages, you're sure to find the perfect Photo Book for your family. Available in both warehouse pick-up and ship-to-home options.