Framed Prints

Making Old Memories New Again with Custom Framing

  • We've all got them - our beloved prints that remind us of great times, amazing vacations, or good friends that stay in the same arrangements year after year. On the same walls. In the same frames! It's time for a renewal; time to revamp those old prints and liven up your home décor with some fun and vibrant frames.

  • Whether framing your prints for the first time or putting a new twist on an old favorite, framing options can add the pizzazz you're looking for. Explore some of these tips and trade secrets to liven up your home's interior design and leave everyone in awe.

Group or Let One Photo Shine

When you consider arranging your prints, what comes to mind first? The theme of each picture? The year they were taken? How about arranging your photos by their frame size and styles?

Large photos draw attention. Large photos with large frames draw even more attention. Feel free to use these as statement pieces on their own. Collages of large prints are great for larger areas of wall space or shelves.

For small images and frames, arranging these prints in fun, quirky, or even "disorganized" patterns can draw people's attention and bring them in for a closer look!

New Frames for Classic Memories

With Costco Photo Center�s Framed Enlargements, you can upload your existing photos and choose from a variety of new frames to give them fresh highlights. Updating any or all of your photo frames can give new life to your favorite memories.

Framed Prints are available for Costco warehouse pick up in 5-10 business days or mail back in 6-12 business days.

Mix & Match

Frames can be grouped in various colors and finishes. Try grouping many different styles of frames within the same color scheme to liven up your photo collage. Try these theme styles available:

    For a bright, earth tone finish:
  • Natural
  • Silver
  • Gold
    For a dark and classy finish:
  • Black
  • Espresso

Everyone has their own taste, and by combining many different frame designs and themes you can really accentuate your style through your prints! Try out different arrangements, and see what works best for you.

Getting Started

Create your own Framed Prints with these easy steps. Just follow along with us!

  • 1Locate the Photo you Wish to Enlarge

    Is the photo already in your Costco Photo Center albums? You're all set to start defining your frame and mat options in Step Three! If your photo is located on your computer's hard drive or a social photo network, read on to Step Two.

  • 2Upload your Photo (Computer or Photo Network)

    If your photo is not yet on the Photo Center, go to your albums and click on "Upload Photos".

    • To upload a photo from your computer's hard drive, click the upload button. Then click "Add Photos", select the photo you wish upload, and click the "Start Upload" button.
    • To import a photo from a social network like Facebook or Instagram, click on its icon. Click the grey checkmark next to the photo you wish to import, and then click "Import".

  • 3Define your Frame and Mat Options

    It's time to start customizing your print. Place your mouse over "All Products" in the main menu and click on "Framed Prints". You'll see the frame options. By clicking the desired options here you can set your frame color, mat style, frame size and orientation, and much more. When you're done, click "Get Started".

  • 4Personalize your Framed Print

    Click on the "Photos" tab and use the albums menu at the bottom of the page to locate and click on the photo you uploaded or imported in Step One. Click and drag your photo to position it in the frame, or use the rotate and zoom tools until your photo looks just how you want it.

  • 5Preview & Order your Item

    Use our "Wall" tab to choose your wall paint color and see how your framed print will look in your home. When you're satisfied with your new and improved photo and frame, click "Add to Cart" and begin the checkout process. Happy decorating!

  • create a framed print today!

Framed Prints make a beautiful addition to any room at home, entrance way, or office space. These custom framed prints are available in two sizes: 16x20 enlargement prints fit the 23x27 frame, and 20x30 enlargement prints fit the 27x37 frame. Both framed enlargement sizes come in five frame colors: black, espresso, gold, silver, and natural, and can be paired with one of six mat options. Creating a custom Framed Print is easy. Just upload your own photo or select one of hundreds of images from the Art & Image Gallery, edit or crop your image to make it look great, and then select the frame and mat of your choice. Framed Print orders are available for warehouse pick-up in 5-8 business days or can be delivered to an address of your choice in 6-10 business days.