Costco Photo Center

brighten up your space with canvas prints

  • Decorating with a canvas print is a great way to add some style and dramatic flair to your home or office. With a wide range of frames and a wealth of online tools to edit your photo or artwork, canvas prints are also quick and easy to create. Use a famous piece of art or a photo from one of your most special moments, keep your print to a single canvas or try the modern cluster mosaic - it's all up to you!

  • The Photo Center has a wide range of canvas print options so you can find the right fit for any image or wall space. If you're looking for a single canvas panel, try the classic Canvas Print with your favorite single photo or Art &Image Gallery pick. There are two types of canvas prints with multiple panels: the Multi Panel Canvas stretches a single image over multiple canvas splits, while the Cluster Canvas groups multiple canvases and multiple images together in a stylized pattern. You can also add a frame to any of our canvas print options

Not sure where to start? Try some of these tips.

Add Multiple Canvases to Perk Up an Ordinary Subject

So you've found a piece of art that you love in the color story that you need, but the subject could use a little sparkle. Images of daily items like flowers and landscapes or simple monochrome art can gain some modern glamor by being spread across a Multi Panel Canvas or repeated over a symmetrical Cluster Canvas mosaic like The Spotlight or The Grid.

Be More Flexible with Your Wall Space

You might have a precise space on the wall that you want to fill, but with Multi Panel and Cluster Canvases you can be more flexible with how you fill it. Make your art or photo smaller than the wall space -- this will give you some additional room to position your frames perfectly.

Accentuate the Special Features of your Image

Canvas orientation and the number of photos can trick the eye and make elements look larger than they actually are. Make your landscapes look even longer by using a single canvas horizontally, or make your buildings look even taller by stretching one image across a 3 Panel Split canvas.

Try a Frame for Longevity and Style

Frames help protect your canvas prints from the elements and provide a strong point for hanging them, but they can also help add some classic style.

Getting Started

Create your own Canvas Prints with these easy steps. Just follow along with us!

  • 1Locate the Photo you Wish to Enlarge

    Is the photo already in your Costco Photo Center albums or in one of our Image Galleries? You're all set to start defining your canvas print options in Step Three! If wish to use one or more photos from your computer's hard drive or a social photo network, read on to Step Two.

  • 2Upload your Photo (Computer or Photo Network)

    If all of your photos are not yet on the Photo Center, go to your albums and click on "Upload Photos".

    • To upload a photo from your computer's hard drive, click the upload button. Then click "Add Photos", select the photo you wish upload, and click the "Start Upload" button.
    • To import a photo from a social network like Facebook or Instagram, click on its icon. Click the grey checkmark next to the photo you wish to import, and then click "Import".

  • 3Define your Canvas Print Options

    It's time to start customizing your canvas print. Place your mouse over "All Products" in the main menu and click on "Canvas Prints". Select the type of canvas print you wish to make from the product menu, and then click to set your desired options such as frame size and orientation. If you're creating a canvas print from one of our Gallery images, you'll also be asked to select it now. When you're happy with your options, click the "Get Started" button.

  • 4Personalize your Canvas Print

    If you're creating a canvas with one or more photos, you can browse through your albums and select them now. The exact specifics of personalizing your canvas print depends on the type you're creating, but for all of them you can click and drag your image to position it in the frame, or use the rotate, zoom, and tint tools until your prints look just how you want them.

  • 5Add a Frame & Order your Item

    After setting all your print options and personalizing your canvases, you can quickly add a chic black frame by clicking the "Add Frame" button. (Frames also come with easy wall hanging equipment.) When you're satisfied with every part of your canvas print, click "Add to Cart" and begin the checkout process. Happy decorating!

  • create a canvas print today!

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